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Official Razor Side Mount System Instructor
Portuguese, Chinese
Place of Residence:
Hong Kong, China.
Being an engineering professional and part-time school teacher, Eddie finds an analytical mindset an incredibly applicable and beneficial asset in the domain of technical diving.

The attitude to chase after theoretical rationales; doing the right things for the right reasons; and the distillation process from sophistication to ultimate simplicity are all qualities well shared between engineering and technical diving.

Such chemistry has led Eddie to the relentless pursuit in the diving career, that is, from open water diving to advanced wreck to cave penetration; equipment-wise from Twinset to Sidemount to Closed Circuit Rebreather diving. The build-up of skills and knowledge is endless. Additionally, it is as much fun and rewarding to teach them to others as to learn them, which made Eddie “give back” as a diving instructor for what he has learnt and personally experienced.

Eddie started sidemount diving soon after the Razor sidemount system 2.0 came to market and has since then been addicted to it for its elegant design, simplicity, versatility and its seamless bondage to diving in the real challenging cave circumstances. For years, Eddie has used the Razor system also in wreck penetrations and open water ocean diving.

As a diving instructor, one should really be diving at a much higher level than that of the teaching. No doubt Mexico has now become the perfect playground and training field for Eddie in his continued pursuit in the diving career.

With every single dive, there is something new to learn from.

Eddie Yung

Amount of Dives:
Total Nr of Dives: 800+
Wreck Dives: 250+
Cave Dives: 100+
Dry Suit Dives: 30+
Decompression Dives: 250+
Sidemount Cave Dives: 100+
Sidemount OW Dives: 200+
Deepest Cave Dive:
145ft / 44m
CCR Dives: 30+
Longest Deco Dive: 2 Hours (Ocean Dive)
Longest No Deco Dive:
2,5 Hours (Cave Dive)
Instructor Qualifications
Professional Scuba Association International:
Advanced Open Water Instructor
Advanced Buoyancy Control Instructor
Twin Set Instructor
Open Water Side Mount Instructor
Advanced Wreck Diver
Advanced Nitrox Diver
Overhead Side Mount Diver
Full Cave Diver
Megalodon Advanced CCR Diver
Pathfinder Advanced CCR Diver
Professional Association Of Diving Instructors:
Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Emergency First Response Instructor
Sidemount - Enriched Air - Wreck - Deep - Dry Suit - Cavern
Available Courses:
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